Workshop ‘What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’

By: Laura Degaspari

 Nonviolent Communication (NVC ) also called empathic or compassionate communication is a widespread method based on expressing honestly how we feel and what we wish while respecting others. It was created by psychologist by Marshall Rosenberg and it is now active in more than 65 countries . To know more see:

It is not only a communication model but an empowering and transformative path because it starts with oneself and it is the integration of thought , speech and action. It is a wonderful practice rooted in living  and speaking honestly by increasing self -respect and respect of others. NVC improves communication in relationships, whether with your partner , your kids or at work  with colleagues.

What is the aim of the workshop?

 In the workshop, we will learn simple and effective strategies by means of practical exercises in  small groups or sometimes in duo .  You will  also be able to continue to practice on your own at home, because the exercises allow you to practice with clear points how to communicate in a way that creates respectful connection with others.

NVC avoids to use a language of judgments or labels . This way of communicating creates distance and mutual defense among people. NVC  instead , uses a language that expresses our needs and wishes in a honest and connective way which contributes to more mutual understanding and collaboration. In the workshop , we will practice to recognize how to avoid a language of judgments and use a language of needs. Also we will practice how to express a wish in a clear and non -judgmental way . During the workshop, we will notice that most of the time, a small detail in  the way we speak can make a HUGE difference in the results.

Who is it for?

The workshop is particularly useful to practice how to express needs with your partner or family members or even with your colleagues at work, in order to facilitate better mutual understanding.

Who am I?

Mainly, I have worked as a dancer and dance teacher , dealing with many groups with a great diversity of cultural backgrounds and ways of communicating.  In addition, I obtained my Master degree in philosophy . In 2013 I began to train in NVC mainly with certified NVC trainer Yoram Mosenzon in Amsterdam till I have completed my year training to become a trainer myself.

Currently I am preparing for the certification at the Center for NVC , which was created in 1984 by Marshall Rosenberg . The Centre operates as a centre for trainings and documentations worldwide. Our aim is to contribute to a culture of empathy and peace .

Date: 28 September; from 9.45 to 12.15 ( small coffee break in between)
Location: Yogacentrum Leidse Hout, Leiden

Price: € 45,-


Facebook page: Wespeakpeace.

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